Introducing Toolbird Analytics: Insights for every web-visitor

Toolbird Analytics allows you to track all traffic going through your website. With a simple 2-minutte onboarding, you can start collecting valuable data insights of your web visitors.

Lasse Osmann and Simon Maribo

June 17, 20243 min read

Introducing Toolbird Analytics: Insights for every web-visitor

The first version of Toolbird Analytics is offcialy live and allows you to track:

  • Live Visitors - Get realtime data on people visiting you in the moment.
  • Unique Visitors - Track the amount of unique visitors going through your page.
  • Total Visits - Track the total amount of visit requests occuring on your page.
  • Total Pageviews - Track everytime a page is loaded, and when the URL changes.
  • Views Per Visit - Track how many pages your visitors visit per session.
  • Bounce Rate - Track the percentage of people that land on your page and leave.
  • Visit Duration - Track the time your users spend on your site per single session.

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Referrer Data

With referrer data you're able to track exactly where your visitors are referred to your website from. You can use this data to optimize your landing page, all depending on the audience visiting your page. alt text for screen readers

Device Data

Responsiveness on the web is crucial for converting visitors into customers. With device data you're able to measure how many of your visitors are on mobile, desktop, laptop etc. Along with device data, you're able to track the operating system and browser of your users.

Geographic Data

With geographic you're able to track where in the world your visitors come from. Our analytics goes in detail, allowing you to track countries, regions and cities.

Page Data

Get direct insights on what pages your visitors visit the most. Optimize each page depending on your visitors behaviour. alt text for screen readers

Custom Event Tracking

Enhance your web analytics with Custom Event Tracking, a powerful feature designed to provide detailed insights into user interactions beyond standard metrics. Capture specific actions such as form submissions, video plays, downloads, and button clicks.

Advanced Filtering

With Toolbird Analytics you're capable of filtering your data on various parameters:

  • Minutes and Hours - Filter your data either by minute or hour.
  • Larger time stamps - Filter your data by days, months, years, all time or custom date ranges.
  • Pages - View complete analytics of one or more pages in particular.
  • Geography - View complete analytics of one or more countries, regions and cities in particular.
  • Devices - View complete analytics of one or more browsers, operating systems and devices in particular.
  • Sources - View complete analytics of one or more referring sources in particular.

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